Skopje, Macedonia
st. Gigo Mihajlovski 9A/2, Skopje
+389 78 262 279

Through coaching, training and consulting, we assist and support individuals and bussinesses to develop, grow and achieve desired results. We inspirit. Inspirit Coaching is a company which is in the business to contribute to improvement of performance, communication, organizational culture, management and personal development of individuals, as well as teams. The company has different programs and offers open trainings in mixed groups, as well as tailor-made, internal trainings for companies, organizations and teams. The trainers and coaches that work for Inspirit Coaching are experienced, certified, creative and English-speaking. Inspirit Coaching uses contemporary methodology and approaches, like neurobiology, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), personal strengths (www.personalstrengths.com), Points-of-You (www.points-of-you.com) as well as managerial and entrepreneurial knowledge and experience. Academic and life-long learning are combined for best results, through achievements and transformation.

Passion, dedication and unique combination of business and personal development approaches, knowledge and experience in business and international (development) organization, individual and systemic approach, combination of methodologies.

Successes and happiness of our clients, that are visible, measurable and long-lasting.

Through several types of services (coaching, training, consulting) we tend to help our clients to find the necessary directions - to find something in themselves, what other skills they need to learn, which skills they need to upgrade, how to become more successful and more satisfied, in both, personal and professional life.